Food For Thought: To reap, one needs to plant

💡 In order to reap rewards (i.e. get success), one must first plant i.e. we must take action and put our ideas into practice, otherwise we will never reap the rewards of our efforts.

And our effort level determines our desired outcomes i.e. the more we are to plant and nurture (put in the hard yards), the greater the rewards are likely to be. 

BUT in all this, lies a trick:

✅ We need to carefully select what we want to sow i.e. focus; and then we must nurture the seed until it is the right time to harvest.

✅ If we pull up the seeds too early before they have had time establish, we will never reap the benefits of the harvest – remember, no good things come easy and overnight

✅ Having clarity on what we want is key to achieving it. Maintaining focus will help us do the things necessary to expand our experience, skillset and ultimately attain our desirable goals.

💧 Planting weeds and hoping for flowers is unrealistic – align the end objective with the smaller building blocks that will get you there 💧