Food For Thought: To succeed, avoid dabbling

💡 Dabbling is better illustrated by imagining ourselves stick a toe in the water, and trying “this and maybe that”, whilst leaving the harder (and likely most important) things for a later stage. This is also better termed procrastination.

The problem with leaving things (in particular those that are most difficult, yet likely to produce the most effective results) to a “later stage” is by delaying things once, who is to say we won’t do it again❓

To regain our sense of control and succeed in anything we strive to do in business or life, consider the following:

✅ By spending our time doing a little of this and a little of that, a lot of little things are accomplished. Yet nothing that truly tests our abilities, or gives lasting satisfaction is produced.

✅ What yields outcomes is as a result of where our level of #focus and #energy is used. Therefore, if we focus on a lot of little things, we will get a lot of little accomplishments.

✅ BUT if we want something bigger as a result, we need to stay focused (and execute) on it long enough to get it done.

✅ Remember, do NOT major in minor things. Focus on the stuff that matters (and this includes everything in our personal life to our business – anything that is crucial to changing our future).

💧 If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten ~ Tony Robbins 💧

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