Food For Thought: Warren Buffett formula = Continuous Personal Development

💡 Warren Buffet shares a secret to his personal success: If we go to bed smarter than when we wake up, we are bound to create a path of success for ourselves – and this can be in business or in life.

In simple terms, what we choose to do consciously on a daily basis towards our own personal development determines the quality of our outcomes.

A simple checklist to determine our self-development priorities is by thinking through the following:

✅ Like every business has clients that need serving, ask – “Who is my most valuable client” ❓

➡️ The ideal answer should be ME i.e. you should be the most important client to yourself. Because if we do not serve and nurture ourselves, how do we expect to serve and nurture our clients?

✅ In our daily activities, which activities and tasks are stimulating us towards achieving our ultimate goal(s)❓

➡️ Prioritising our peak energy levels to maximise our output levels is crucial to sustained success. This means knowing when we are at our most productive each day, and when it is we are required to take a break.

✅ After a day’s work, how much time do we spend at home, sitting on the couch, watching TV, and zoning out until bedtime❓

➡️ This valuable time could be sold back to your most important client, YOU by investing in personal development practices and habits

💎 The best investment you can make, is an investment in yourself. The more you learn, the more you will earn ~ Warren Buffet 💎