💡 Unlike a bull, humans are fully equipped with psychological privileges such as hindsight, foresight, and other mental processes that fit into the category.

So with the ability to plan ahead and learn from past mistakes, how does one possibly avoid being deceived by a waving red flag?

✅ Firstly, obstacles are always bound to arise regardless of our level on the food chain. How we deal with them is what counts…

✅ The next time we freak out because someone (or something) has found the golden ticket to our last nerve, STOP and THINK about the outcome for a second.

✅ Remember, arousing others is easy — IF we don’t care what kind of action we inspire❗️ If we wish to create a positive response in others, we do so by example and through the art of gentle persuasion, not by daring them to attack.

✅ A raging bull eagerly charging forth into a meaningless death over a game that was designed to destroy him is pointless. Is that the type of situation we want❓

💎 Don’t be a bull that charges at a matador because of the movement of a cape that brings no meaning to life or business 💎

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How To Build A Successful Business | Hiten Keshave


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