💡 Starting a new business or project can be tough, painful, scary, confusing, and unrewarding for months on end.

And for those just entering the entrepreneurship landscape, it may take a bit of time before a business “takes off”, and so in between this period, it may often be very easy for us to decide to “throw in the towel” …

BUT, it doesn’t have to be that way if we apply the following 3 principles:

✅ Clarity of vision married to our purpose i.e. develop your WHY!

➡️ When we are clear on what really matters to us in life, we know the life we want to live (from our contributions to society, our wealth ambitions, our ideal family lifestyle, our ideal work hours etc)

✅ Commitment and accountability

➡️ Once we know our WHY, it’s time for us to get rid of the safety net and deliver on our outcomes, and having an accountability tracker or partner to hold ourselves true to these deliverables is the easiest way to achieve our goals

✅ Remember the consequences of NOT living your WHY

➡️ What pain are we likely to be enduring should we not follow through on our commitment and accountability❓ When we attach a significant consequence to failure, its likely we follow through…

💎 Our hardest times often lead to the greatest moments of life. Tough situations build strong people 💎

If you are ready to be the success story you deserve, grow your business and personal life, then visit our website for more information on our Entrepreneurs Wheel of Life Flagship Coaching Programme.  See how we helps entrepreneurs create and execute their personal and business blueprint!

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How To Build A Successful Business | Hiten Keshave


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