Are you using short term solutions instead of fixing the problem and doing the hard work?

Food For Thought: Are you using bandaid solutions❓

💡 Have you ever felt that life (or even business) is on continuous life support, with this major rush to continue patching up bleeding wounds with band-aids (or plasters as we say in South Africa)… 

The society and culture we thrive around often brings busyness in all aspects of our lives (and business), and consequently, we may use “band-aid” solutions as quick remedies to get through these stages. 

However, such solutions are not long term❗️ Rather consider the following:

✅ Commit the time and effort to slow down, be grounded and re-shift focus towards sustainable long term impactful behaviour.

✅ When faced with problems, understand the root cause before rushing to any solution and just treating the symptom(s). If missed, the real problem spreads and often can result in a deadly infection.

✅ Lastly, find leaders who have gone through similar problems who may be outside of your business sphere and connect with them for conversations. Look for thought leaders who solved similar problems in real life practice.

💎 The Band-Aid is an inexpensive, convenient, and remarkably versatile solution to an astonishing array of problems ~ Malcolm Gladwell 💎