Food For Thought: Controlling our network bubble

💡  It’s a fact of life that some people may hold us back, while others will propel us forward. Learning how to deal with this is more important than wishing our reality was different. We therefore cannot hang out with negative people and expect to have a positive life and be thriving in business. 

More importantly, if we do all the right things, but don’t get around people who hold us to a higher standard, we may not thrive further than our current limits (and why so often we may struggle in any ventures, be it business or life). 

The lesson here❓

✅ Actively constructing our social environment is important, BOTH for our life and business. 

➡️ Don’t let it depend on proximity or chance or on how the past has always been. Rather consciously plan which opinions, attitudes and life philosophies are allowed and NOT allowed in our life.

✅ Putting ourselves in environments where we can maximize #growth is the best tool (learning) for success.

➡️ Do not hesitate being in such environments for the fear of looking stupid. This only limits the opportunity for growth.

✅ Investing in a business coach or mentor who not only holds you accountable but is able to help us steer our ship in the right direction is a recipe for success (versus one that is trial and error).

➡️ Being the smartest in the room is a sign that a new horizon is required. And remember, success leaves clues, so surrounding ourselves with success is key!

💎 When we surround ourselves with people who hold high standards of us, we are surrounded by people who strive to do better. Their energy is contagious and will positively influence us 💎