💡 Our attitude is not influenced by external forces, but rather by the internal influences which we control and open the door for external forces to be a part of.

Picture a magnet for a second.  A powerful piece of iron, that can attract other objects, yet with a positive and a negative side, it also has the power to push away.

✅ Just like the magnet, our attitude can also be described as mental energy. 

✅ From the moment we wake up, till we go to sleep, we constantly build an attitude that either has a positive OR a negative side.  There is no neutral. 

✅ And that what our attitude is right now, is what we draw to ourselves i.e. If our attitude is positive, like-minded people, situations will be drawn to us and vice versa. 

✅ Remember, the lion is the king of the jungle because of one word:  ATTITUDE.  The lion has a different attitude that makes other animals respect him.  The lion will see an elephant and think one word: lunch - I can eat this thing. The lion will act the way he thinks.

💎 An army of sheep led by a lion will always defeat an army of lions led by a sheep ~ Dr Myles Munroe 💎

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