💡 To accomplish our dreams, we have what humanity has granted us all equally, and that is the power of choice i.e. we can choose to wish for things to happen for us; OR we actively chase down our dreams❗️

And remember, if we choose to chase down our dreams, will doors be shut on us?

✅ Definitely, and probably more than we will end up keeping count of (well that’s been my experience)…

But the key to succeeding in our journey in life, whether its entrepreneurs starting a business or us evolving as individuals is the following:

✅ Don’t wait for people to find you; rather go out and be found (especially if you’re in business).

✅ If doors close, go in through the window. If that means changing the course of our plan, then do so. Remember, change does NOT mean losing our dream.

✅ Seek help from those who will actively support your mission and encourage you, because the environment you have during the most testing times is important when getting past the finishing line.

✅ Lastly, invest in personal development, whether it’s business or life related. REMEMBER, if you’re the smartest in the room, its time to find new company.

💎 Your dream is a vehicle, and you’re the driver. Don’t let the passengers map the road for you 💎

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How To Build A Successful Business | Hiten Keshave


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