💡 In the sphere of entrepreneurship, I have heard many people say that entrepreneurship is like jumping off a cliff and building our wings on the way down…

As topsy turby as the journey of entrepreneurship may be, for any individual starting out in business (or considering starting a business), here are some simple steps to keep in mind if one ever feels like they’re about to jump off a cliff with no wings…

✅ Invest in areas that require us to build wings (early on especially) helps us to better prepare for the turbulence that we may face. This could be anything from having mentors, to business coaches to learning new skills and courses etc

➡️ Remember, failing to prepare, is preparing to fail❗️

✅ Have a winners mindset and prepare mentally to win – any new journey can either be filled with fear of failure OR an abundance of opportunity and hope❗️

➡️ The easiest way to define what we choose to focus on is to marry our emotional reasoning and logic behind OUR WHY and PURPOSE to kickstarting anything in our life. The more purpose and why we have, the easier it is to eliminate the obstacles…

✅ Study what the successful people do – remember, success is a mix of strategy and psychology (not just luck❗️).

➡️ Understanding how others who have “been there and done that” built success can help shave off many years of building wings whilst feeling like one is falling off a cliff 

💧 Great things take time. Never, ever give up 💧

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How To Build A Successful Business | Hiten Keshave


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