💡  We all have problems in life, yet what differentiates the successful person from the ordinary “day-to-day” person is how they approach problems.

When we change the way we describe our problems, it opens new avenues for dealing with them. 

✅ Remember, we live in a cloud of language and thoughts. So what we choose to speak (and think) determines whether we bring out the best in ourselves, to feel more positive about our ability to do what inspires us and to change what doesn’t.

✅ Instead of “This is a nightmare,” consider, “This is an interesting challenge,” and see how this challenge will develop us as individuals.

✅ Remember, each of us are capable of far more than we think❗️ Realizing just how capable one truly is, begins the moment we decide to use words that embolden us. 

💧 Focusing on problems creates more problems. Focusing on outcomes creates solutions 💧

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How To Build A Successful Business | Hiten Keshave


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