Food For Thought: Embrace a Sherpa Leadership philosophy to be fulfilled and successful…

💡 If you set out to climb Mt. Everest, one of the first things one does is hire a Sherpa, the leader of a mountain climbing expedition. What is unique about the Sherpa❓

Sherpa don’t celebrate how many times they reach the summit of Mt. Everest, BUT rather how many times they have helped others get to the top i.e. being of service

In business terms (or even in one’s own personal life), here are some personal lessons #entrepreneurs can embrace through the Sherpa leadership philosophy:

✅ When we shift our focus from making money to what our real “core for existence” is, we begin to transition from being transactional focused to being servant focused, in light of helping others reach their full potential. The more we make it about others, the more individual success one will begin to enjoy.

✅ Brand positioning based on serving and creating value vs purely a transactional focused mindset i.e. facts and figures, creates a brand reputation of one where we care about our customers, employees and other stakeholders

✅ To win in anything we do, Sherpa don’t lead from afar but rather climb the mountain right alongside their teams. Similarly, to win trust and respect with anyone, we cannot ask someone else to jump through a fire unless we are willing to do it too.

💧 The Sherpa provides an ideal metaphor for those who dedicate themselves to serving, whether in business or life 💧