Food For Thought: There is a difference between moving fast and rushing.

💡 Society often rewards speed with massive business growths (for entrepreneurs), career promotions (for the employee), and even our own personal belief that we’re doing something well. Naturally, as humans we are therefore inclined to want to be quicker, more efficient and more productive in anything we do.

But being more effective, efficient and productive at the expense of rushing things doesn’t help anyone do things better. If anything, it only increases our chances of being stressed and negatively affected.

So how does one then move fast without sacrificing long term sustainability❓

✅ Move fast by being thoughtful and mindful, because when we rush through things, we sacrifice thoughtfulness

✅ Conversely, when we are thoughtful but not moving fast, we may be overthinking, and this is procrastination in disguise.

✅ Eliminate distractions by being intentional in the choices made – this will allow one to do things the right way rather than just try to complete them as quickly as possible.

✅ Remember, rushing implies desperation whilst moving fast means we retain urgency but with control and intention, and therefore reduce the risk of not reaching the end destination

💎 The little time we lose in decision making, we gain in execution 💎