A legacy is about creating a lasting impression or impact. Image and quote of Raymond Ackerman

Food For Thought: The DNA of any legend is… sustainability.

💡 The real goal of any aspiring entrepreneur or individual in life is NOT getting to world-class (which is challenging and rewarding in itself), but more so, HOW to remain at the peak of world class❓

Just like we may choose to avoid using plastic in light of creating a safer environment for the future, similarly how we eliminate the millions of plastic internally in our lives is just as crucial to avoid internal environment littering and landfills.

A legacy is therefore about creating a lasting impression or impact. But how can any entrepreneur go about having a planned, deliberate, and tangible impact (in their life and business)❓

✅ Firstly, avoid the Silver Bullet, which is that success happens overnight. Understand that overnight success and instant gratification is unreal, and not sustainable.

✅ Rather, tie in goals with habits and routines that support a commitment that drives good welfare in both the personal life and business. The latter often is done by instilling a culture and value ethos across a business that is bought into by all employees…

✅ Remember, for us to be of service to the world through our business, we need to be in a peak state of being (physically and mentally). And if this is not the case, it is unlikely our business would be. So the principles applied in one’s personal life should be applied in business (and vice versa).

💎 “Doing good, is good business, both in one’s own personal life and in business – so treat your life as if it is your business and your business will succeed in all facets from health, wealth, relationships” 💎

~ Raymond Ackerman

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