💡 Many a time, many of us may come up with the next grand idea, yet how often do those ideas follow up with great execution plans❓ If the answer to this is “not that often”, then read on…

Firstly, remember, the world is full of great thinkers who many a time do NOT realise their greatness. And this causes a “suffering of constraint”…

To overcome this suffering of constraint is not difficult, by keeping the following in mind:

✅ Many of us (I was a big culprit of this), may be strong on the thinking piece but weak on the execution side. So collaborate with those to complement our weaknesses…

✅ Over the years, having worked with and studied many successful startup CEOs, what truly differentiates successful businesses, AND world-class people from the rest is the execution of the idea.

✅ This does not discount the value of creativity and intelligence, but is merely a nudge to shift our focus from the eureka moment to kick-start our business and at the right time.

✅ World-class people get both right. They are superb strategically and brilliant tactically. Really creative and good at getting things done.

💧 Are you ready to jump start your commitment around execution❓ Reach deep into your inner power and have the discipline to do whatever it takes to make an idea a reality 💧

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How To Build A Successful Business | Hiten Keshave


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