💡 Many of the great business innovations have come from a so-called failure. Many of the greatest growth periods of our lives are often derived from a period of pain. The point being made❓

Remember that a problem is only a problem when viewed as a problem.

✅ Too many of us encounter an obstacle and drop into victim mode, giving away our power to it and throwing in the towel.

✅ However, within every setback lies the gift of progress, advancement, and outright mastery.

✅ So instead of throwing the towel in, try “The WTOH Question” and ask what’s the opportunity here❓

✅ This simple philosophy can change our business, and life by allowing us to leverage the unexpected into pure possibility. And turn stumbling blocks into stepping-stones.

💎 Most of us miss opportunities because they are dressed in overalls and may be perceived as work 💎

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