💡  Entrepreneurship, is far from a smooth happy ride. It is packed with challenges and uncertainties, and a million highs and lows. So how is it possible to be grateful then❓

Remember, gratitude is the antidote to apathy. To get giant things done, we need to feel inspired and alive and highly confident and unbeatable…

✅ To build this state, one should practice “deliberate” gratitude i.e. the actual habit of incorporating conscious gratitude daily as a routine and not by chance…How would such a simple, costless skill be so priceless to both our lives and business❓

✅ To seek a new experience, and understand different context to things, the art of gratitude helps us evolve each experience, encounter and person with a new lens - and fills one up with energy, passion and hope.

✅ As entrepreneurs, the things we desire are never enough (because we keep pushing the boundary limits) i.e. once we achieve something, we immediately move to the next big thing, coveting the successes of others.

✅ And this cycle of never ending success can sometimes cause pain, frustration, and melancholy. But to fight this hedonic treadmill, practice gratitude, EVERY DAY❗️

💧 Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it ~ William Arthur Ward 💧

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