💡 Imagine a sport where winning means having to lose at first. Crazy right❓❗️ A sport where the only way we can win is to first lose.

Many are probably asking WTF kind of sport are you talking about. It’s the game of entrepreneurship❗️ Let me explain… 

✅ When we start out as entrepreneurs, we often overestimate how easily success can come and underestimate how long it really takes.

The prime reason many entrepreneurs may fail is:

✅ They underestimate how much time, effort, and work it takes to be successful.

✅ We put in work for a year, fail, and then give up… Not realizing that entrepreneurship is the ONLY game where losing (several times) is required in order to win. 

So what then is the formula to success?

Fail  ➡️ Start over ➡️ Get a coach/mentor ➡️ Differentiate ➡️ Try again ➡️ Don’t give up

💧 Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm ~ Winston Churchill 💧

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