💡  To maximize long term growth, we need to sacrifice short term pain. It is not possible to have long term growth with short term profitability.

And this applies to both our individual lifestyle and the businesses we run… Science shows, there is a reason behind our struggle between short-term rewards and long-term goals.

✅ The “emotional part” of our brain responds positively to instant gratification, whilst the “logical part” of our brain, tries to reason with us.

✅ As an example, if we were given the choice of cake now or broccoli later (or a short term cashflow deal vs a long-term investment in a strategy that grows our business over a sustained period), our emotional part of the brain is likely to push us towards choosing instant gratification.

So how does one then overcome such a scenario

✅ Tie an emotion to the decision - Our emotions overpower our logic, and so the next time the obvious towards instant gratification arises, ask – “Is this really in my benefit in the long run❓”

💧 The pain of discipline weighs ounces whilst the pain of regret can weigh tonnes ~ Jim Rohn 💧

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