💡 If we want to build an empire (whether personal or business), learning to say “no” is the single most important discipline we should all learn…

After struggling to kick start my entrepreneurial journey, to finally successfully launching a tech start-up and kickstarting my coaching business, together with finding a great sense of personal family time which allowed for an integrated lifestyle… 

✅ I can tell you with certainty that saying NO is the fastest way to create wealth, make more money and to live an awesome life❗️

Here are 3 proven tips to say “NO” to in the mornings so that we can say YES to more personal freedom. 

✅ Say “No” To the Snooze Button - What does hitting the snooze button tell us❓

➡️ It says, "we value 10 minutes of low-quality sleep more than waking up and living our purpose."

✅  Say “No” To Planning The Day In The Morning

➡️ The secret to moving the needle in life and business doesn’t start in the morning. It starts the night before the morning.

✅ Say “No” To Distraction

➡️ All the notifications on our phone distract us from getting "work" done - so when working, put the little devil away. 

💎 Are you a master of yes or magician of no❓ 💎

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