💡  We’re all motivated in different ways. Some people may use sticks (the risk of punishment) to drive motivation; whilst others may use carrots (the satisfaction of rewards)…

The question many may ask, does the carrot and the stick really get the same result❓

✅ The short answer (in my experience both in business and personally) is “it depends” – rather, the more important matter to identify is what motivates us (and our people) in life i.e. is it risk or reward❓

✅ By connecting emotions to goals and outcomes, our actions automatically align to yield the results we see i.e. there is no need to rely on motivation to drive us any more.

To determine whether the carrot OR stick approach is the right one, consider the following steps:

➡️ Set a goal(s) ➡️ Connect action plans to those goal(s) ➡️ Identify the “purpose” behind achieving that goal for yourself (and your team if you’re in business)

💧 The greatest ability we are all gifted with is to get along with others and influence each other’s actions 💧

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