💡  We all may experience dark and troublesome times in life – but what differs those who progress vs those who stagnate, is how they tackle these situations…

In 2015, my own world fell apart in various areas of my life, and so whether it’s a business gone horribly wrong, relationship matters or career challenges, by following the steps below, one can potentially change what is deemed ‘un-fixable’ in life to “fix-able”…

Be a parent to your mind

➡️ Dark places are hard to be in. What changed my thinking was when someone said I needed to talk to my mind like a child. I needed to comfort my mind with this one sentence: “Everything is going to be okay.”

Declare war on your fear

➡️ Fears can drive our life when we are in a dark place. By declaring war on my fears, we challenge them to a duel. Write down a list of your biggest fears and then commit to facing them, slowly.

Self investment is the best investment

➡️ By investing in a personal development course, coach or mentor, we ignite a catalyst for change. 

💎 One will never know what message they need to hear during a dark time, but if we show up for long enough, that message soon enough will arrive 💎

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