From the doorstep of our factory store, sits unrefined talent

Ceramic Industries together with Vantage Advisory and Unconventional CA, took 41 students on a 12-month enterprise development (ED) programme to unlock the unrefined talent of tilers, street vendors, waste managers, transporters and more.

Ceramic Industries makes an impact with their enterprise development programme

Ceramic Industries Group goes beyond being a leader in the design and manufacture of ceramic tiles and bathroomware. One of their big focuses is on learning and development programmes that focus on work-integrated learning. These students are afforded the opportunity to enhance their job prospects through their programmes.

Unconventional CA and Vantage Advisory had the opportunity to be a part of their 2023 Beneficiaries of Enterprise and Supplier Development programme which took place in their hometown, Hammanskraal.

Upskilling high potential learners with a deep desire to grow their business

Ceramic Industries ED programme was designed to help uplift beneficiaries from the streets to the boardroom. From being an informal trader to being a fully registered business.

As part of the ED programme, Unconventional CA (UCA) helped them learn about entrepreneurship, how to manage their finances, banking, marketing, compliance and ethics. They also developed their technical, commercial, legal and soft skills which in turn helped to develop their own businesses.

To bridge the digital divide, Ceramic Industries together with UCA provided the students with cell phones and marketing kits, helping our them diversify their clientele and their equipment.

Through the programmes comprehensive training, these students grew their confidence which in turn, would help them to pitch their business and find the right opportunities to grow their companies. 

From the streets to the boardroom

After these students spent 12 months gaining personal development skills as an entrepreneur, learning the fundamentals of running a business, mastering their sales development skills and understanding how to pitch and build a relationship, this is the feedback that we received from them.

A new horizon starts

Adries Sithole, one of our tilers felt confident to now become the best tiler in the city. Puleng Sithole, a transporter, ran his business alone but he has now employed four more people to help him. After gaining these skills, Puleng was confident to make the right next steps, which in turn helps reduce the unemployment rate in his community. Albeit small, these little steps are what makes a big impact.

Waste Manager, Mpho Tshiila, worked alone in his business but after going through this programme, he learnt that having more people, will in turn, help his business grow. His aim is to now grow a recycling company.

One of our street vendors, Poppy Ndala said: “I feel so privileged, as a women, to be getting this knowledge”. She battled to send her children to school. After being on this programme, she has grown her business and now has two employees. She is able to provide for her family and send her children to school, with less stress.

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